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One of the more heinous acts that a person can commit is sexual assault. Recognizing this fact, the State of New York severely punishes defendants who are found guilty of these crimes in criminal courts. However, while a criminal case will certainly punish the defendant, it will do little to soothe the mind of the affected parties. Criminal courts exist to punish crimes against the state.

In order for people who have been sexually abused to obtain monetary compensation against their abusers, they must file civil lawsuits. The Queens sexual abuse lawyer represents plaintiffs who have suffered sexual abuse in their civil cases against their abusers. The experienced attorney fights by their side to obtain monetary compensation for them and to complete the pursuit of justice against the abuser.

State Sexual Abuse Laws

Sexual abuse is a criminal act. Any party of sexual abuse should immediately contact their local police department. Even if the abuser is arrested, brought to trial, and convicted, this will only occur on the criminal side of the law. In order for the plaintiff to recover monetary damages, a separate case must be started in the civil courts. It is entirely the responsibility of the plaintiff to initiate and prosecute the claim.

These claims must be filed under legally recognized causes of action, or torts. Oddly, there is no tort known as sexual abuse. Instead, plaintiffs must fit the facts of their case into other, pre-defined, torts. These may include:

  • Battery – Any intentional, unauthorized touching of a person by another is defined as battery. This includes touching of a sexual nature.
  • Assault – Placing another person in fear of physical harm can occur when a person is threatened with sexual battery.
  • False Imprisonment – When a person is held against their will. This can be present in more severe forms of sexual abuse such as kidnapping or rape.
  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress – Making a person feel unsafe or harassed.

Any civil claim alleging sexual abuse must be framed into one or more of these pre-defined torts. A sexual abuse attorney in Queens will examine an individual’s case to determine which causes of action best fit the facts.

Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assault Claims

All states have a statute of limitations on civil lawsuits, and New York is no different. However, New York may be unique in the amount of time they offer victims to file their claims. In February of 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York signed the Child Victims Act into law. This piece of legislation gave survivors of sexual abuse that were victims of until their 55th birthday to file a civil lawsuit against their abusers. They once only had until they were 23 years old.

Additionally, victims of certain sex crimes, such as incest and rape in the second and third degrees, now have up to 20 years to file a civil lawsuit against their abuser. That is far more than the one year these victims once had. A lawyer in Queens can discuss the statute of limitations for a specific sexual abuse claim.

Talk to a Queens Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

Standing up to someone after sexual abuse is one of the bravest things that a person can do. Simply calling the police and filing a report takes a great amount of personal courage.

However, while the police may arrest and ultimately convict the abuser in criminal court, plaintiffs still have the right and the sole ability to pursue a civil case for monetary compensation. A Queens sexual abuse lawyer represents abused individuals in their pursuit of justice. The attorney works with individuals in a compassionate and thorough manner to obtain evidence, file complaints, and argue their case in court. Reach out now to start your case.

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