Falls from Height on Long Island Construction Sites

Even with all the heavy machinery and dangerous substances involved in construction work, one of the most common causes of construction site fatalities is workers falling from height. The higher up on a scaffold or building someone is working, the more crucial it is for them, their coworkers, and their site managers to follow proper safety precautions. If they do not follow protocol, the results of a fall could be deadly.

Falls from height on Long Island construction sites could be grounds for civil litigation if they result in a serious injury or fatality. A qualified construction site accident lawyer could work with either an injured worker or their surviving family members to seek appropriate financial restitution for the damages they suffered due to worksite negligence.

Common Causes of Falls from Height

Falls are an inherent part of working high above the ground in the construction industry, and there is only so much employers can do to mitigate the risks of this kind of accident occurring on their worksite. However, there are many examples of construction workers and employers in Long Island not being diligent about safety regulations meant to prevent falls from heights or even outright ignoring them, leading to dangerous conditions like:

  • Unstable or unsecured ladders
  • Ledges and elevator shafts without guardrails
  • Unmarked trenches and holes
  • Unmarked holes in walls and floors
  • Improperly assembled scaffolding

Even something as simple as not cleaning up debris or accounting for inclement weather could result in a fall with catastrophic consequences. Workers need to have both the equipment and knowledge necessary to protect themselves from these kinds of incidents. If an employer fails in their duty to provide a construction worker who falls from a height, legal action may be warranted, and an experienced lawyer in the area could help.

The Scaffold Law and Long Island Worksites

The Scaffold Law, which is codified in New York Labor Law §240, holds construction employers strictly liable for failing to provide appropriate equipment and safe conditions for employees working at height on a construction site. This means if a falling accident on a construction site can be traced back to an employer’s negligence, that employer would bear liability for civil damages regardless of whether the injured or killed worker was also negligent in some way.

Unless appropriate safety equipment was available and an injured worker knowingly and deliberately chose not to use them in violation of instructions from their supervisor, this law almost always allows for civil recovery in the aftermath of a fall from height on a Long Island construction site. However, representation from a skilled local attorney could ensure that an injured worker accounts for all their injuries and losses in their demand for compensation.

A Long Island Attorney Could Help with Fall from Height Construction Accidents

Construction sites can be dangerous under virtually any circumstances, but the higher off the ground you get, the greater the risk of serious or fatal harm. If you or a loved one suffered a fall from height because of insufficient safety procedures at work, you may be able to hold a negligent employer strictly liable for all ensuing damages.

Working with a knowledgeable worksite injury lawyer could be critical to successfully recovering financial compensation for a fall from height on a Long Island construction site. Call today to schedule a consultation and talk to one of our attorneys about your claim.

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