Long Island Demolition Accidents

building being demolishedControlled building implosions require many preliminary procedures before the demolition can proceed safely. Unfortunately, this means there are numerous opportunities for people working at demolition sites to get hurt on the job, sometimes permanently or even fatally.

Any time a Long Island demolition accident occurs on a construction site, there should be a thorough investigation into safety practices and available safety equipment prior to the incident. If an employer, contractor, or other third party displayed negligence by failing provide a safe working environment, a seasoned construction accident lawyer may be able to help the injured party seek financial compensation for their suffering.

Common Accidents at Demolition Worksites

The demolition of even a one-story house can sometimes take several days to complete, and larger buildings may require weeks or even months of preparatory work before they are ready to come down. Accordingly, while explosive accidents may seem like the most common source of demolition injuries, there are a number of different ways a worker could get hurt on this kind of job site, including but not limited to:

Depending on the circumstances, workers involved in demolition accidents in Long Island may end up suffering broken bones, ligament and soft tissue damage, lacerations, severe burns, and potentially permanent forms of harm like paralysis or loss of limbs. A skilled local attorney could help ease the plaintiff’s suffering from these injuries by helping them recover damages through a personal injury claim.

Potential Grounds for Litigation

Regardless of a construction project’s size, the employers and property owners responsible for running it owe a duty of care to every worker on their job site. If an injury occurs because a foreman or employer failed to provide appropriate safety equipment, forced workers to move at too fast a pace to stay under budget, or ignored any other state or federal safety regulations, they may bear civil liability for any damages stemming from that injury.

Additionally, state law holds construction companies automatically liable for certain types of accidents. Specifically, under the “Scaffolding Law” codified in New York Labor Law §240, workers on Long Island demolition sites who get hurt by falling objects or by falling from a high surface because of a lack of appropriate safety measures can hold their employers strictly liable for damages.

In other situations, fault may lie not with an employer or supervisor, but rather with a third-party contractor or supplier who either failed to follow safety rules or provided faulty equipment. For example, if a jackhammer malfunctions due to a design defect and causes the worker operating it to break their leg, that worker might have grounds to file suit against the company that manufactured and sold that piece of equipment.

Speak with a Long Island Attorney About Demolition Accident Cases

Accidents can occur at every stage of the building demolition process, especially if employers and site operators do not take proper safety precautions to protect their workers. If you were hurt in a Long Island demolition accident, you may have important legal options for pursuing financial recovery.

Filing a valid lawsuit is not the same thing as winning one, and you may have a tough time recovering comprehensive compensation without professional legal advice. An experienced construction accident lawyer could analyze your situation and determine what may be possible. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more.

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