Role of a Slip and Fall Attorney in Long Island

If you slipped and fell recently at a supermarket, store, private home, office, shopping center or other Long Island location, you may be interested in hiring a Long Island slip and fall lawyer. Somehow you found your way onto our website but you still may be wondering exactly what we can do for you.

Steps An Attorney Can Take

The first thing we will do after being retained is to thoroughly investigate how the slip and fall took place to determine who is at fault. This may include:

  • Taking photographs and videos of the scene
  • Interviewing store workers, if possible
  • Finding and interviewing with any witnesses
  • Checking for any available surveillance camera footage and other evidence at the scene
  • Analyzing legal issues, such as comparative negligence and assumption of risk.

In addition to preparing a detailed report of the actual incident to use as evidence, we also want to document your injuries and provide an explanation of the damages we will seek. If you need to see a specialist and do not have one, we can supply names based on our years of experience dealing with the doctors on Long Island. We will collect all the relevant medical records and make sure that everything that needs to be on them is included. We will look for similar cases for precedent in our case and also our knowledge of the law and the local courts.

Through our years of negotiating with lawyers and insurance agents, we are often able to get a very nice settlement, but if the offer is not reasonable or the property owner does not want to admit liability, we will often proceed by filing a lawsuit.

Filing An Injury Claim

By filing a lawsuit, we demonstrate that we have faith to continue for more compensation and are willing to take the case to court. We can further strengthen our case because we are able to depose employees from the location who may not have been willing to testify.

Our experienced lawyers will keep you updated throughout your entire case. We pride ourselves on being a small Long Island firm willing to take the time each and every client needs. We won’t stop fighting until your case is settled.

We provide free consultations with no obligation. In fact, there is never a fee until we get you a settlement or verdict for your case. Contact us today and we will answer all your questions, let you know your legal options and discuss the best course of action for you to take.

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