Warning Signs of Sexual Assault in Long Island

As defined by Long Island law, sexual abuse is any unwanted touching, whether verbal or physical, of another person in the pursuit of some sexual act. If you suspect that someone you love has experienced abuse, a qualified sexual assault attorney is here to help you understand the signs and legal implications of the incident. A Long Island lawyer could help you identify warning signs in your sexual assault case and determine if you have a case against the assailant.

Common Examples of Sexual Assault

Sexual abuse may come in various forms. Some common examples include someone who was attacked and raped by a stranger or acquaintance, or a student who has been molested by a teacher. The victim could be a young person sexually bullied in school, or someone who was touched without giving consent. With sexual assault, a person could be young, old, male, or female. Regardless of their age or gender, anyone has the right to pursue a lawsuit to recover compensation for their damages.

What are the Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse?

Every person reacts differently to being attacked, particularly sexual abuse victims. Some common warning signs that a loved one is being sexually abused could include withdrawing from family and friends, crying regularly but not sharing the reason, and getting very uncomfortable when they are touched, even by a loved one. There are more signs that are not as common, such as a victim trying to hurt themselves or resuming childhood behaviors, but behaviors can vary from case to case.

The types of people that tend to be more vulnerable to sexual assault in Long Island are young people, older people, and women. In some cases, having a mental or physical disability may make someone more vulnerable. However, anybody could be targeted as a victim of sexual abuse, so families should not disregard their less vulnerable loved ones if they notice any warning signs.

Does it Affect the Case if a Sexual Abuse Comes from an Acquaintance?

If a sexual assault is committed by an acquaintance or a person the victim knows, the consequences are legally no different than if the abuser was a stranger. It does not matter if they are a teacher, a friend, or a relative in terms of the legal implications. Although, it might mean more people could be held liable for the damages since more people should have known about the abuse. If a person commits a sexual offense or knows about the crime, they can be either guilty in a criminal case and liable in a civil matter for their actions and the damages that it caused.

When a victim is sexually abused by someone such as a family member, that could lead to other types of consequences, such as family court hearings. For example, if the alleged victim is a young person, the consequences could be removed from their household.

The psychological implications could also be very different for each case, depending on how an alleged victim internalizes the abuse. Damages could be higher if the victim internalized the abuse and has trouble processing the incident. A legal representative could help evaluate damages based on the specific circumstances of the sexual assault case

Ask a Long Island Attorney to Learn More About the Warning Signs of a Sexual Abuse

Helping yourself or your loved ones can be very brave after a traumatic incident such as a sexual assault occurs. Understanding what the warning signs are and the legal implications of reporting an abuser could save you some pain later on.

A qualified attorney is ready to help you when you need it most. Call a Long Island lawyer today if you are noticing the warning signs of a sexual assault in a loved one.

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