Seeking Professional Help After a Sexual Assault in Long island

If you suspect that a loved one has experienced a traumatic sexual abuse event, you may be wondering what the next step is and how you can help. Reporting an incident such as this is an important step to starting recovery. A Long Island lawyer can help you with reporting a sexual assault and seeking professional help after a traumatic event.

They could explain what to do and ensure that you or your loved one are fully represented throughout the entire claim. Let a sexual assault attorney guide you through your next steps in this difficult time.

What to Do if a Loved One Could be Experiencing Sexual Abuse

If someone believes a loved one has been sexually abused, they should first make an attempt to talk to that person. If that is unsuccessful, but they still believe the person could have been the victim of a sexual assault, they should then try to get professional help.

There are many organizations on Long Island and around the state that provide therapy or counseling to victims of sexual abuse. Certain law enforcement members and medical personnel are trained in helping people affected by a sexual assault incident. If they are notified of someone that has been abused, they could talk to them directly or give them the information of somebody trained in this area.

Negligence in a Sexual Abuse Case

Negligence could play a role in a sexual abuse case if someone does not report the assault once they learn about it. If someone knew about the abuse but did not do anything about it, a victim could hold them liable for their damages.

To hold a party accountable for monetary damages, the plaintiff has to show that the entity is liable for letting the abuse happen or continue to happen. An entity could refer to parties other than just the assailant. It could refer to a corporation, organization, or school.

For instance, if a teacher sexually abused a student, a claim could be brought against the school organization to recover compensation for the minor’s suffering. The plaintiff would have to show that the school, its officials or administration, or even another student knew or should have known about the abuse. Otherwise, they could not hold the school responsible for something they were never aware of. This requires a lot of investigating, which is why considering hiring a Long Island attorney could be beneficial when determining if negligence was at play in reporting the sexual assault.

How to Help a Long Island Attorney in a Highly Sensitive Case

To help their personal injury attorney in cases like this, the plaintiff should keep notes on their own case before and after reporting their assault, if possible. This could be crucial when preparing a claim as sexual abuse cases tend to rely heavily on victim testimony. It is important to keep good notes on the condition of the victim, whether it is them writing or somebody on their behalf.

Keeping a daily log of what happened before, during, and after the incident is always helpful for understanding the event and guiding professionals in how to help the individual in the best way possible. Taking down the names of people that might have been involved as a witness or known about the attack is also important when determining liability in the case.

Going to law enforcement as soon as possible is crucial, although sometimes victims do not report the incident for a period of time. They could be embarrassed about what happened or scared to tell anyone. They may want to forget about it, move on, and not want to go to get the authorities involved. While this is understandable, it is essential to report the crime, not only for pursuing a criminal case but even for a civil matter. A Long Island police report could be a vital piece of evidence in a sexual abuse case

Find Help with Reporting a Sexual Abuse Attorney in Long Island

Following up with first responders, police, and then an attorney is essential. Keeping your lawyer informed about the criminal case is also important, because there is often a direct link to the outcome of a civil case.

A dedicated attorney could help you find the right resources when you or a loved one needs it the most. Call a Long Island lawyer today when seeking professional help in your sexual assault case.

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