Traffic Laws for Pedestrians in Long Island 

Traffic laws for pedestrians in Long Island are designed to keep both pedestrians and drivers safe. Have you or someone you care about been injured in a pedestrian accident? If so, you may need the help of an experienced attorney at your side. But you need to understand the laws first to understand why these regulations are important.

Pedestrian Laws in Long Island

Traffic laws for pedestrians in Long Island are no different than traffic laws anywhere else. If a pedestrian is walking on a crosswalk, then generally that pedestrian has the right of way. Pedestrians are reminded to follow the traffic laws and traffic signals at an intersection.

If the pedestrian has a red light at the intersection, they must stop. When the light turns green, then the pedestrian can go. In those circumstances, if a person is walking and can be seen by the operator of the motor vehicle, the pedestrian has the right of way.

Application of Traffic Laws

The application of traffic laws differ for pedestrians than those that apply to vehicles in a specific way: the laws that apply to pedestrians do not involve motor vehicles. The laws for pedestrians generally involve a universal, common set of rules. For example, when an individual is driving their car, the pedestrian always has the right of way.

However, a pedestrian can be charged with comparative negligence if they are walking down a street where there is a lot of traffic and they are not mindful of traffic conditions or are actively ignoring traffic control devices like traffic lights. That is why it is important to ensure traffic laws are obeyed.

Consequences of Ignoring the Traffic Laws

If a person does not follow the traffic laws for pedestrians on Long Island and they get into an accident, they could be charged in a civil case. They can be charged with some level of comparative negligence. A person could be charged with 50% comparative negligence, which would reduce the claims by 50%.

For example, if a pedestrian walks into the crosswalk when the traffic light is red instead of staying on the sidewalk, is immediately hit by a car that has the green light and sustains grievous injuries, that person may decide to bring a lawsuit in the State of New York and on Long Island. If that pedestrian decides to go this route, they can be charged with comparative negligence.

If their case is worth $100,000, and a jury decides that the individual is 50% at fault for not obeying the traffic signal, then that person would only collect $50,000 due to the fact that they were charged with 50% negligence. Additionally, a jury is not obligated to believe that the driver was at fault in the first place. If a pedestrian decides to disregard a traffic signal, a jury might believe that they are entirely at fault. They would be entitled for nothing for failing to follow the traffic laws for pedestrians in Long Island.

Contacting a Long Island Pedestrian Lawyer

It is in your best interest not to file a lawsuit before speaking to a Long Island pedestrian accident lawyer. If you or a loved one is suffering from injuries stemming from an accident, contact a pedestrian accident attorney today.

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