Broken Bones in Long Island Pedestrian Accident Cases

Due to pedestrians not having protection, it is common for a pedestrian to suffer a broken bone in an accident. This is especially true when it comes to pedestrians who have been hit by a car. If you have suffered a broken bone injury in a pedestrian accident, contact a compassionate lawyer who is experienced handling broken bones in Long Island pedestrian accident cases. Call today to schedule a consultation to see what options you may have going forward.

Boken Bones Impact a Person’s Life

A broken bone can impact a person’s life in a number of ways. No matter how much it heals, that bone will never be same. Most bones, when they heal, are arthritic and those types of symptoms may not appear for many years. The more significant the fracture, the more likely it is that there will be other types of permanent injuries, and those may also stay with the person for the rest of their life.

Disabilities as a Result of Boken Bones

A broken bone typically means that that part of the body is going to have some functional loss, whether that is temporary or permanent. If somebody breaks a bone in their hand, they may experience permanent lack of function in that hand. A person who suffered a broken bone in their hand may not be able close their fist the same way, hold an object the same way, or use their fingers the way that they did before. A disability can be applied to broken bones in any area of the body. While some bones heal well enough for the person to function, many do not. This is why it is essential for the injured person to contact an attorney who is knowledgeable in broken bones in Long Island pedestrian accident cases. An attorney could ensure that the individual is able to recover from the unfortunate incident by assigning liability.

Loss of Income During Recovery

If a person breaks a bone in their leg, they are likely to lose income because they are unable to get to work or accomplish tasks. Their fractured leg or fractured arm will make it difficult to drive a car. Also, many people have a job in which they have to use our arms or legs, therefore, it becomes very difficult to go on with everyday life after suffering a broken bone.

Surgery and Therapy Costs

The most significant cost associated with a broken bone is surgery. If the break is significant, it might require surgical intervention in which the doctors or surgeons use screws, plates, and rods to help re-align the bone so that it heals properly. Surgeries can often cost high amounts of money. The second area of great concern is the expense of therapy. The rehab involved in a broken bone injury is extremely significant because it can last from six months to several years.

Pain from Broken Bones

Pain is subjective and everyone has a different pain threshold, but broken bones cause significant pain. Some bones are much more painful than other bones when they break. A fractured rib is not fatal, but it is a very painful break. Every time a person breathes or sneezes, it hurts.

If a person fractures their foot, taking any steps will be extremely difficult. If an individual fractures their jaw, it can be painful to open the mouth to talk, sneeze, or eat. Not all broken bones have the same level of pain, but they will always cause some kind of pain.

Range of Severity of Broken Bones

There is a range of severity of bone breaks. Fractures come in all shapes and sizes, so there are differences between a compound fracture and a simple fracture. A fractured pinky finger is one type of bone that can break, but it will have significant differences in pain and the value of the case than a break in the femur. Although it is not always the case, usually larger bone breaks cause a more difficult time for the injured person. Larger bone breaks are more painful and take longer to do rehab. The specifics of the breaks are important to consider as well. Some bones can break cleanly, others can be partial breaks, and others can come all the way through the skin.

Broken bones in Long Island pedestrian accident cases cause significant pain and costs, this is why it may be essential to contact a well-trained lawyer. An attorney could help you recover from your injuries by pursuing compensation with a claim.

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