Long Island Summer Camp Accident Lawyer

Each summer, hundreds of thousands of kids across Long Island go to the many day camps throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties, including Kenwall, Driftwood, Dix Hills Adventure Camp, West Hills, Coleman, North Shore, Henry Kaufman Y camps, and Merrick Woods. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries are an all-too-common part of the summer experience.

However, when a camp accident results in injuries, our Long Island child injury attorneys can help you. Contact us for a free consultation. Our lawyers will sit down with you to discuss your case, answer all your questions and let you know what you can expect from the legal process. There is no obligation and never a fee until you collect a verdict or settlement.

Types of Injuries

From slips and falls and sport-related accidents to drownings and injuries from such activities zip lines, rock climbing walls, water trampolines, bungee activities, archery, riflery and rope courses, the many activities may pose serious dangers to campers if there is not proper supervision, age-appropriate activities, properly trained staff, licensed lifeguards at the pool and campgrounds and equipment that are well-maintained.

When the camp does not meet this obligation and a child is injured, they can be held liable. Camp accidents can be serious, resulting in broken bones, concussions, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, facial injuries, head and brain injuries and, in worst cases, death.

Benefit of Experienced Representation

For a child who is injured at camp, their fun summer is replaced with doctor visits, pain, restricted activity and possibly weeks or months of physical therapy. Our lawyers are parents and we understand the physical and emotional toll these injuries may have on your child and family. We have extensive experience working with families and will help you collect the compensation you deserve to help your child recover physically and emotionally. This money will help pay for medical expenses as well as compensate for pain and suffering to help you and your child focus on recovery and healing without financial worries.

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