Long Island Daycare Abuse Lawyer

.Parents across Long Island trust and depend on day care facilities, nannies and other services to care for their children while they are at work. While there are many reputable facilities in both Nassau and Suffolk counties, abuse and negligence does occur, and many times the children are either too young or too scared to let their parents know. For that reason, it is important to regularly check in on the daycare services you use and be aware of the potential signs of abuse to help ensure your child is in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. Further, if signs of abuse appear, a Long Island daycare abuse lawyer should be contacted to help hold the negligent party responsible. Nobody wants to see their child abused, but an experienced child injury attorney can help to make sure that your family is compensated for your damages.

Warning Signs of Abuse & Neglect

Young children will often not speak about abuse going on at a daycare. They may be scared, feel threatened, or believe they are to blame. Some just don’t understand that the abuse is wrong. If you do suspect abuse, there are warning signs to look for, however, that may signal there is something bad going on:

  • Changes in behavior
  • Problems at school and change in academic performance
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Regressive behavior
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Acting out inappropriate sexual activity or showing an unusual interest in sexual matters.
  • Changes in toilet-training habits
  • Excessive fear of going to the day care center or being left with a babysitter, nanny or specific daycare worker

If any of these warning signs are apparent in your child, consult with a Long Island child abuse lawyer today.

Steps to Take

Daycare playgroundIf you suspect your child is being abused or neglected, contact child protective services, the department of human services or the police. If your child has been physically or sexually abused, please take them to the doctor immediately. Doctors are trained to notice the signs of abuse and can collect important physical evidence. Contacting a Long Island daycare abuse attorney is advisable. This will make sure that you and your child’s rights are protected.

How a Long Island Daycare Abuse Attorney Can Help

At Goldstein and Bashner, our Long Island daycare child abuse lawyers have extensive experience working with children. Our team is sensitive to the fear, confusion, embarrassment and pain young victims of any type of abuse may experience. We have helped work with the entire family as close companions and as competent legal advisers.  All of our efforts are put into collecting the compensation deserved for innocent victims. The young should not suffer from physical and emotional injuries and deserve justice.

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