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Working for the railroad or traveling by railroad is generally safe. However, sometimes trains are involved in accidents, and because of the sheer mass of these transport vehicles, those incidents could have devastating consequences to railroad workers, passengers, or bystanders.

If you have been involved in a train accident, you could require physical, emotional, and financial assistance. A dedicated personal injury attorney working for you could allow you the freedom to focus on your physical and emotional recovery. Reach out to a Huntington railroad accident lawyer today to see if you could be entitled to damages from your train-related injury.

Common Injuries of Railroad Accidents

Train accidents can cause injury to both passengers and individuals struck by the train. Most frequently in these cases, people incur injuries from accidents involving derailments, trains colliding, crashing into other vehicles at railroad crossings, or hitting railroad employees or pedestrians.

People involved in train accidents often suffer serious injuries, such as:

How do Train Accidents Occur?

Human error is the cause of many railroad accidents. Conductors and engineers driving trains negligently could lead to an increased risk of a mistake. One example is when conductors speed, especially around curves, it can cause a train to derail off its tracks. Conductor fatigue, distracted operation, and driving under the influence could also cause accidents.

Other railroad workers could also be responsible for wrecks. Train conductors and engineers rely on other railroad workers to make sure that the tracks are clear of any hazards. If there is something blocking the train, it could lead to devastating damage, depending on the obstacle. Or, if a worker mistakenly switches the tracks, trains could collide. A lawyer could investigate the reason for the train accident in Huntington to determine who might be liable for the damage.

Faulty Equipment

Train accidents could also result from equipment problems with the engineering or the tracks. Some examples of train equipment problems are:

  • Brake malfunctions
  • Broken communication equipment, which could lead to two trains colliding with each other on the same track
  • Faulty signals, gates or warning lights and sounds
  • Broken or worn-down rails, which can lead to derailment
  • Equipment or other hazards left on tracks
  • Other mechanical failures

Cases Involving Injured Railroad Employees

If the injured party is a railroad worker who was hurt while on the job, hiring experienced counsel in Huntington could be essential since the case will involve complex federal and state procedures. Cases involving injured train employees follow the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), under which, unlike other traditional workers’ compensation claims, an injured railroad employee can sue their employers for negligence or misconduct.

If a train employee sustains an injury while on the job or as a result of their work duties, the individual could be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, disability costs, and pain and suffering under FELA.

How a Local Lawyer Can Help

A skilled local legal representative could help by examining all evidence from the crash. They can review the police records, interview eyewitnesses, and examine the records from the train to see if workers followed all appropriate safety precautions. Experienced legal counsel could also review the maintenance and inspection records of the train and the tracks to make sure regulations regarding maintenance were being followed.

If human error caused the accident, a Huntington train collision attorney has the experience to determine if a viable case could be built against the railroad under the theory that the conductor or another railroad employee was negligent in their operation or maintenance of the train or the tracks.

If equipment failure caused the accident, a lawyer could help determine if there is also a viable case against the manufacturer of the defective equipment under the theory of defective product liability.

Reach out to an Experienced Railroad Attorney to Recover Compensation Today

Train accidents can cause serious injuries. You should not have to worry if you have enough money to pay for the medical care these injuries incur. Reach out to a Huntington railroad accident lawyer today who will aggressively fight for your rights to get you the fair compensation you deserve.

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