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If you have suffered a serious injury while on somebody else’s property, you could be facing a lengthy recovery period, affecting the daily structure of your life. The physical and emotional needs of an injury could have left you with extensive medical bills but unable to work to pay them.

A compassionate personal injury attorney understands that you could be in need of financial assistance. Contact a Huntington premises liability lawyer today to see if you could be entitled to compensation from the owner of the property you were harmed on. They could help you address your injuries and pursue a claim to recover your losses.

Premises Liability Law Explained

All public and private property owners have a duty to maintain and secure their land so that no hazardous conditions could harm a guest, customer, licensee, invitee, tenant, or resident. If a premises manager neglects to maintain their property reasonably and someone is injured or killed as a result, that owner could be held legally responsible.

Premises liability claims can include many types of dangerous conditions and can involve residential, commercial, or public properties. It could be beneficial for a plaintiff to hire a Huntington attorney that is familiar with property cases to explain premises liability law further.

How are Defendants in a Huntington Property Injury Case Determined?

As a local attorney can further explain, several people could be held legally responsible for a claimant’s injuries, including the following:


A tenant could pursue a claim against a landlord if unsafe conditions in their apartment or house led to their injuries. For example, if a landlord failed to install a smoke detector in a claimant’s apartment and they suffered burn injuries because they were unaware of a fire, then that person could pursue a claim of negligence against their landlord.

Store Owner or Manager

If a customer slips and falls on a wet floor in a grocery store, that store owner could be held responsible for that customer’s injuries if the claimant can establish that a reasonable store owner or manager would have cleaned up the floor before the fall.


If a guest falls off the front steps at their friend or acquaintance’s house because of a defective handrail, then that friend or acquaintance could be held liable if they knew of the faulty railing, or reasonably should have known about it.


If a guest falls off a defective diving board at a town-operated public pool, for example, they could pursue a claim against the town if the operators of the pool failed to maintain and repair the board properly.

Collecting Evidence to Build a Liability Claim

Local premises liability attorneys could help by reviewing all medical and police reports, interviewing eyewitnesses, and examining the property where the injury occurred. They might look to see how long the hazardous conditions were apparent at the property, and if there was anything a reasonable premises owner could have done to remove that hazard.

A skilled lawyer might also investigate the site of the accident to see if more than one party could be held legally responsible. For example, in the event of a slip and fall in a store’s icy parking lot, a claimant could pursue a case against the store owner, the landlord of the property, and the company that had contracted with the store owner and landlord to remove snow and ice from the parking lot. A diligent attorney serving Huntington could work to aggressively pursue recovery against all possible defendants in a premises liability case.

What are Possible Recoverable Damages in Huntington Premises Liability Cases?

In Huntington, a claimant could pursue recovery for all their economic losses, including current and future medical and rehabilitation costs, as well as current and future lost wages. They could also seek compensation for their non-economic losses, such as for their pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and other non-quantifiable damages.

A court will consider the fault of the claimant when awarding damages and may reduce the amount of damages owed by the defendant if it finds the plaintiff was partially to blame for their injuries. If the court finds that the claimant was 25 percent responsible for their injuries, then the number of recoverable damages will be subsequently reduced since New York operates with a pure comparative negligence standard. If someone has further questions about what damages might be recoverable in their Huntington premises liability case, they should enlist the help of an experienced legal professional.

Learn More From a Huntington Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability cases can be complicated to file on your own, while also dealing with a personal injury. Working with a skilled Huntington premises liability lawyer who understands the law and the proper procedures could help get you the fair compensation you deserve. Call today to learn more.

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