Hicksville Truck Accident Lawyer                         

Within the scope of personal injury law, truck accidents incorporate collisions with not just tractor trailers, but also construction vehicles and delivery trucks. The smallest of these vehicles are much larger than even the biggest SUVs, which means any collision between commercial trucks and personal cars often causes severe damage to the car and its occupants.

A qualified attorney understands the full ramifications of these incidents on not just the physical well-being of accident victims, but also on their lives as a whole. If you suffered injury in a truck accident, a Hicksville truck accident lawyer could work to hold both the truck drivers and their parent companies responsible for their actions.

How Can Truck Accidents Happen?

Driving a large commercial vehicle in a safe manner presents operators with unique difficulties and challenges. As a trade-off for their large carrying capacity, these vehicles are very heavy and slow to react.

In other words, trucks are essentially several-ton masses that are difficult to stop in an emergency. Any time the driver of a truck is forced to make a quick decision in a tricky situation, the odds of a collision are greatly increased.

The Dangers of Violating Trucking Laws

Even under the best of circumstances, trucks represent a significant danger to other vehicles and drivers on the road. However, many drivers and their companies compound these dangers by violating trucking laws.

There are specific regulations that govern how heavy a commercial vehicle can be and how they must be loaded. Any time that a truck is overloaded or unbalanced, the odds of an accident increase dramatically.

Furthermore, a truck driver is just as susceptible to poor driving as anyone else on the road. Many truckers stay behind the wheel for over a dozen hours a day in an attempt to meet deadlines, and as a result drive while fatigued or sleep-deprived.

Who is Responsible for the Damages?

A common denominator in any truck accident case is that the plaintiff needs to prove the defendant was negligent in the way they operated their vehicle. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways—by proving that the accident was caused by overloading, a violation of a rule of the road, or simple careless driving, to name a few examples.

Truck accidents differ from other vehicle accidents in one important way. Generally, the sole defendant in a car accident is the person who was driving their car. However, this is not always true in truck accident cases.

Liability for Trucking Companies

If the trucker involved in a truck accident is an independently operating driver, then they are the sole potential defendant for a lawsuit. However, many truck drivers are employees of a parent company which takes on liability for all their actions. Therefore, in an accident with a commercial vehicle, the main defendant may be the trucking company and not the individual driver.

This can be especially relevant if the plaintiff can show that the accident was caused by an improper loading of the trailer. In these cases, it may be important for plaintiffs to work with an experienced truck accident attorney in Hicksville who can ask the right questions and discover the proper evidence.

A Hicksville Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

Accidents involving a commercial vehicle are always serious matters. These collisions are violent events that can potentially change the life of those involved forever.

Truck accident lawyers work with people in Hicksville who have been injured in such incidents to hold the responsible parties liable for their actions. Whether the defendant is an independent trucker and their insurance company or a large corporation, a Hicksville truck accident lawyer is available to take the lead and start working to get you the compensation that you deserve. Call today to learn more.

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