Multi-million dollar verdict for veteran injured in bus acciden

Our client was 52 year-old war veteran riding on a city bus in the Bronx towards Jerome Avenue on Kingsbridge Road. When the driver lost control of the bus, the vehicle hit multiple parked cars, throwing our client around and badly injuring him. He suffered very serious injuries to his back, neck, right arm and shoulder. As a result of his injuries, he needed back surgery and will still require additional back and neck surgery.Filing a lawsuit against the city is a tough win. Our lawyers went into overdrive, thoroughly investigating the accident and meticulously documenting the client’s injuries and medical costs. We presented a case that convinced a jury of peers to agree to a significant multi-million dollar verdict. What is even more surprising is that the jury awarded an even higher amount than what was expected. This is very unusual. It is so difficult to sue and win against the city—this was a tremendous win for our client, who will now recover all his costs and be compensated for his very severe pain and suffering.

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