Motorcyclist breaks half his body, awarded well above policy limit

Our client, a motercyclist, while riding on Montauk Highway in Suffolk County, was injured when the offending vehicle made a left hand turn in front of our client. The client’s motorcycle was struck causing him to be thrown from his cycle onto the ground. Our client 28 at the time fractured his wrists, hand, pelvis, knee, leg and had multiple surgeries. If you looked at his x-ray you would see that metal pins were holding him together. Unfortunately, the owner of the offending vehicle had a limited policy (that generally means limited funds from the policy). Clearly we could not accept that and we prepared the case for trial. Many lawyers would have advised their client to take the policy and suffer the loss. We felt our obligation to the client and to get justly compensation. In the end the owners of the vehicle paid, out of their pocket, an enormous amount of money. In fact, the Judge of the case said he did not remember another case where so much money was personally paid from the defendants. This occurred because of our tenacity and unwillingness to abandon the client and take the “easy” way out.

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