Long Island Homemaker With Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Hits Allstate

Our client suffered a badly broken wrist which required surgery. She was later diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy. We litigated the case for several years and a few moths before trial Allstate decided tio make us an offer that was very very low. In fact it was a sum of money that you would expect to get on a  neck or back case. No explaination, no negotiation just “Here’s our offer,take it or leave it”. We decided to leave it.
During the trial Allstate increased their offer ,we gave them a demand(which was within their policy limits)and they decided not only not to negotiate but to withdraw their offer. A very gutsy move and one that Im sure did not include consulting with their insured. We took a verdict which resulted in Allstate quicky setteling the case

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