Infant Falls from Window Missing Safety Guards

Our client was a 2-year-old infant at the time of this horrible accident. He was living in a rented apartment in the Bronx with his young sister and parents. She was home watching him, but was momentarily distracted when he went to the window and fell out, tumbling down four stories.The window did not have any safety guards, which is required by New York City law in apartments with children under 10 years old living in them. That is because these accidents are rare when the safety guards are in place. The law requires them even in first floor apartments because it i so easy for a child to fall out a window. An adult only needs to look away for a moment.

Luckily our client survived, but he suffered multiple skull fractures as well as multiple fractures and lacerations throughout his body. The young boy continues to suffer–he is in pain and has trouble with prolonged sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs and other daily activities most kids take for granted. He will never fully recover and will require extensive therapy and special education.

In addition, his young sister was in the “zone of danger,” which means she was close enough to him to see the accident and has been traumatized.

In addition to getting a sizable settlement for the boy, our accident lawyers were also able to get money for the sister for the trauma she suffered.

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