Disfigured Construction Worker Gets Sizable Settlement

Our client was a construction worker for a company in Maspeth. On the day of the accident he was unloading cement pellets from a forklift when one fell on his right foot. Due to the tremendous weight of the cement, this was an extremely painful injury from which he will never fully recover.As a result of the accident, our client has permanent damage, disfigurement and pain not only in his foot but the surrounding muscles, tendons, nerves, joints and tissues. The client was in and out of the hospital several times and spent a significant time period on bed rest. To this day he still suffers pain.

Our construction site injury lawyers were were able to show that labor laws were violated. There were several safety issues. Our client should have had another worker with him for this job. In addition, there was too much concrete on the forklift and the pellets were not properly secured.

Said partner Neal Goldstein “Our client has been out of work and confined to his bed. We fought and got him a settlement that would help take care of his living expenses and family while he recovered.”

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