Wrongful Death In Long Island Wal-Mart, Battle Continues

In 2008, Black Friday turned deadly at one of Wall-Mart’s Long Island locations. As crowds stormed the store’s entrance in hopes of taking advantage of store wide sales, a Wall-Mart employee was trampled and killed by the mass of shoppers. Nearly two years later, Wall-Mart is still battling a 7,000 thousand dollar fine that was put upon the store following the accident.

Wall-Mart claims that ‘crowd trampling’ was not a forseeable occupational hazard. In fact, Wall-Mart has gone so far as to spend over a million dollars in legal fees in order to fight the fine. Wall-Mart worries that if the fine sticks, then the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be able to oversee all future major sales events. But, I ask, why is this at all bad?

If an employee was killed, then obviously Wall-Mart was doing something wrong, and therefore deserves to be subject to increased oversight. Under labor laws, companies are responsible for protecting their employees. To me, a rushing crowd of 2,000 over-excited shoppers sounds like a situation in which an employee may be exposed to some type of danger.  According to reports, Wall-Mart failed to respond to this seemingly obvious hazard. Therefore, Wall-Mart should be fined and watched over in the future.

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