Will My Insurance Protect Me When I’m Sued

At Goldstein and Bashner, we primarily respresent injured people. We sue when we are unable to resolve matters with insurance companies. We try very hard to resolve cases without putting our clients through much of a headache. Do insurance companies think the same way? Not too often.  We recently experienced a case that reminds us all that insurance companies for the most part are only interested in what they can save for their company regardless how it affects the client.

Our client was a homemaker from Long Island who was a passenger in a car that was involved in an accident with another vehicle insured by Allstate. Our client suffered a badly broken wrist which required surgery. She was later diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy. We litigated the case for several years and a few moths before trial, Allstate decided to make us an offer that was very very low. In fact it was a sum of money that you would expect to get in a neck or back case. No explaination, no negotiation just “Here’s our offer,take it or leave it.” We decided to leave it.

During the trial Allstate increased their offer, we gave them a demand (which was within their policy limits) and they decided not only to lo longer negotiate, but to withdraw their initial offer. A very gutsy move and one that I’m sure did not include consulting with their insured. Luckily we fought for our client and beat Allstate at their game.

Unfortunately, we have dozens and dozens of cases where people get sued and let their insurance company handle everything. That would be ok except that my experience tells me that most people don’t realize that they can be on the hook for “big money” if their insurance company acts foolishly and without regard to the people they are suppose to protect.

At our office, for reasonable fees we will act as your personal attorney to make sure that your insurance company and their lawyers are protecting you and not their own pockets.

Contact us today if you have any questions about a specific incident, think you have a case or just want more information about car accidents and insurance. Our consultations are always free and with no obligation. In fact, if you hire us, you don’t pay us a dime unless we get you money for your case.

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