What’s Going On With Some of These Long Island Lawyers Giving Us a Bad Name?


I have worked very hard in the last twenty years for my clients. When I started practicing law as a personal injury lawyer I was quite proud of what I did. I felt that I was helping people regain some part of their lives at a difficult and in some cases a devastating time. I devote myself to my practice and my clients, but when I see a story like the one I saw yesterday I know why some people have such a negative impression of lawyers

William Hamel, a personal injury lawyer who is affiliated with a well known law firm in the New York Metro area, was charged with bribery in what the Attorney General and the Department of Investigation say was a hospital fraud scheme. In essence the claim is that hospital employees received money for giving patient information to personal injury lawyers who lured the patients to receive unnecessary medical treatment and then submitted millions of dollars in claims for treatment. Now I think its important to know that nobody has been convicted of anything. Mr. Hamel will have his day in court. He may be found innocent. But…

These stories have come to the surface all too often and there are many convictions.Each story chips away at what I always have believed is an honorable profession. To be fair, there are times when lawyers are charged with some kind of fraud and are ultimately found innocent.

Of course I open the paper this morning to find an adoption lawyer on Long Island charged with bilking thousands from a client. Stealing from a couple who wants to adopt a child? Where does it end?

In the end its about greed. I admit there are many on my side that are not only bad lawyers but bad people. But there are many out there that are good as well. You just need to do your research and find them. I will continue to be a proud member of the bar and will always represent my clients zealously and ethically. Stay tuned for the best of trial lawyers.

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