What Happens When Your Love Life and a Lawsuit Intersect? Understanding Loss of Spousal Services Lawsuits

When your spouse is injured and involved in a lawsuit, you may also have the right to sue if the injury adversely affects your sexual relations and the services and affection of your spouse. We have handled hundreds of these successfully, but they are not easy claims. There are certain things you must always know if you are going to bring these claims.

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These claims can be tricky as you must present the proper proof if you are going to substantiate a loss of services, loss of work due to the care of an injured spouse and/or a diminished sex life due to the injury of a spouse. You will need to share some personal information.
Some of the factors that will affect your claim include:

  • How stable the marriage is,
  • The couple’s individual life expectancy
  • The extent to which the benefits of married life were actually lost

How much compensation can you expect?

Unlike calculable costs, such as hospital bills and doctor co-pays, the value of a loss of services lawsuit is abstract and usually accounts for one’s pain and suffering. Depending on the type personal injury case, the damages awarded for loss of consortium may differ greatly. Our law firm can discuss this with you and help you determine your legal options and what the best course of action is for your specific case.

If you’d like to discuss your case or have any questions, call our experienced personal injury lawyers for a free consultation. We will make sure to answer all your questions and discuss what you can expect from the legal process.

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