4 Resources to Get Home Safe on New Year’s Eve on Long Island

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New Year’s Eve is a festive time, filled with celebrations and libations. It is also one of the deadliest nights on the road. If you plan on hitting the town and partaking in alcohol, there are plenty of resources on Long Island that can help you get home safe on New Year’s Eve. Below are a few you can look into:

#1: Uber or Lyft

Ridesharing seems to be here to stay. Before you go out on New Year’s Eve, download the app from the Play Store or App Store and sign up with Uber or Lyft to create an account.

You will need to link your account up to a payment source such as PayPal or a credit card as your source of payment. (No cash exchanges hands when you use Uber or Lyft.) When you are ready to ride, you will select the service and pick-up location, confirm your request, and await the driver to arrive.

#2: Lilybug Scooters

If you bring your own car to celebrate on NYE and find that at the end of the night that you drank more than you intended, there is a unique designated driver scooter service to get you home safely with your car.

Lilybug Scooters is a company that sends drivers on small scooters to your destination. The driver will fold his scooter up, place it in your trunk, and take you home in your car. You can reach the company at (866) 678-5459 to book in advance.

#3: Late-night Designated Driver Services

Having a designated driver (DD) is a must if you will be doing any drinking on New Year’s Eve. If no friends volunteer for the job, you can use a private local DD provider. There are several companies that serve Long Island. We cannot personally vouch for any of these, but here are few you might want to research:

Some of the services are costly, but they are worth it to avoid an accident or jail time.

#4: Taxi Services

Not to be overlooked, a good ol’ taxi service can get you home safely. Hailing a cab might be a little tricky on New Year’s Eve, though. Call ahead to check on availability in your area. Here are a couple of providers that serve Long Island:

  • All Island Taxi – (516) 379-9999
  • Lindy’s Taxi – (631) 436-7272
  • Ollie’s Taxi & Airport Service – (516) 437-0505
  • L I Yellow Cab – (516) 931-1111
  • Yakuel Taxi – (718) 784-4700

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