Stay Away from These Semi-Truck Blind Spots


When 18-wheelers and cars collide, it often results in catastrophic injuries. A truck’s large blind spots are a contributing factor in many of these accidents. This type of crash is often particularly scary for motorists because they can see the truck but can do nothing to stop it from hitting them. Knowing where semi-truck blind spots are and how to avoid them may help to prevent many of these collisions.

Where are a semi-truck’s blind spots?

A trucker has four primary blind spots. These are:

  • In front: Because of the height of commercial trucks, truckers cannot see vehicles directly in front of the cab. The front blind spot, or “no-zone,” extends 10 to 20 feet.
  • In the rear: A truck’s rear no-zone is 200 feet. This means to be safe, you need to stay a minimum of 200 feet away from the truck.
  • The left side: While this is the smallest blind spot, remember that unless you can see the driver’s side mirror, he cannot see you.
  • The right side: A trucker’s right side blind spot is the largest. This blind spot may extend over three lanes.

The Dangers of Being Caught in a Blind Spot

Truck blind spots are one of the most dangerous places to be in and can lead to deadly situations, such as squeeze play accidents, when the driver of a passenger car is squeezed between the right side of the truck and the curb.

How can I avoid blind spot accidents?

Driving in a trucker’s blind spots lead to accidents in a number of ways. A car beside the truck is at risk if the trucker needs to change lanes, and a car following too closely cannot see traffic ahead and is unaware of sudden stops. To reduce your risk of a blind spot truck accidents, use these tips:

  • Adjust your mirrors properly, to eliminate your own blind spots
  • Look for a truck’s mirrors in front of you. If you cannot see them, you are too close.
  • Always use turn signals when changing lanes.
  • Keep time in a blind spot to a minimum, speeding up to pass if necessary.
  • When passing a truck, do not move over until you see the truck in your rearview mirror.
  • Never pass a tractor-trailer on the right. It is impossible for a trucker to see you and this move can be deadly.

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