Suing for Psychological Damages–How to Win Your Case

Long Island Psychological Damage Lawyer

Accidents can cause extreme anxiety, depression and completely change a person’s life. That is why it is not surprising that many car and other accident victims suffer psychological injuries in addition to the often more noticeable physical injuries.

In legal cases, psychological injuries are given a separate value and need to be proven just like physical injuries. When there are serious physical injuries, such as an amputated leg or paralysis,  it is often understood that psychological injuries will be present and makes them easier to prove.

More difficult cases are when psychological injuries are present without serious physical injuries.

How do you go about proving that these very real injuries are present? There are several ways:

  • Doctor reports, such as from a psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker
  • Medications prescribed due to the accident, such as anti-depressants
  • A person becomes disabled due to their psychological injuries
  • Diagnosed as suffering a psychological condition by Social Security or a disability company

Our experienced injury lawyers have helped many clients recover significant damages for their psychological injuries. These awards help them pay medical bills, lost wages and get the closure necessary to begin to move on and recover without financial worries.

If you have a psychological injury due to an accident, give us a call at 516-217-9097 or fill out our webform. We are here to answer all your questions—we provide free consultations with no obligation to help you sort out your legal options and what you can expect from a lawsuit.

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