Sports Team Injuries—Do I Have a Lawsuit?

Sports Teams Injuries

Sports teams have gotten younger and more competitive across Long Island. Whether the sport is cheerleading, soccer, baseball, swimming, football or basketball, kids are now asked to practice long hours at younger ages, have team trainers and compete in tournaments around the tri-state area

All this leads to more injuries. Sometimes these injuries are just the risk you take when you participate in sports. Everyone knows you can fall, get hit with a ball, twist your leg. It happens. In fact, most youth leagues and teams have parents sign consent that they understand the risks associated with playing sport and that the league is not responsible for these injuries. But sometimes injuries are the result of negligence, and that is when you may have a lawsuit.

What are some examples of when you may have a case from a sport injury?

  • When a field or facility has a dangerous condition that was known about—excessive divots, uneven flooring
  • Pushing a child beyond normal, reasonable limits during training or practice; not allowing water breaks or taking into account excessive heat
  • Not taking an injured player out of the game, or forcing them to return to the game when they are injured
  • Encouraging “dirty” behavior or allowing excessive force
  • Abusing or physically assaulting a player
  • Not allowing for medical assistance when necessary

Our Sports Injury Lawyers Can Help You

If you have any questions about a specific incident or injury to your child, give us a call and let us answer all your questions. We provide free consultations—there is never a cost or obligations. We will let you know your legal options, discuss the best option and answer all your questions.

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