Railroad Employee Accidents-The One Thing You Need To Know

Long Island Worker Compensation

I have been litigating railroad FELA claims for twenty five years and the most shocking thing that I find from all the calls I get is this: Many railroad employees don’t think they have a case because they believe the accident was their own fault and the railroad is not responsible! But that is simply not true.

The majority of railroad FELA calls we get involve some railroad responsibility

There are a few times when there may be no responsibility of the railroad, but the overwhelming majority( and I mean like 95%) of the calls I take involve some railroad responsibility. In fact after hearing the details of the accidents from the prospective client I have to remind them: You are working one of the mot dangerous jobs in the United States!

Railroad workers have one of the most dangerous jobs and they take the risk of serious injuries

Because of this inherent risk, the original statute which congress passed gave railroad employees the legal right to sue their employer (most employees can’t sue their employer and instead go through for workers compensation). This law which also made it much easier to find the railroad responsible for employee accidents. This was done so that the railroad would adhere to strict safety standards.

Some examples of employer negligence include:

  • failing to provide proper safety training and equipment
  • failing to properly maintain equipment
  • not ensuring the work area is free of hazards
  • requiring unreasonable work hours and quotas
  • failing to provide adequate supervision for employees.

If you were injured in a railroad work accident, our FELA lawyers can help

We have had very successful recoveries for railroad employees injured on the job, including some burned from electrical explosions, paralyzed in accidents as well as back injuries from lifting accidents.Our railroad FELA lawyers can help you.

Contact us with any questions you have and to find out your legal options. Call us at 516-217-9097 for a free consultation to discuss your specific case. Our expert lawyers have twenty five years of fighting for railroad workers rights and helping them get the compensation they deserve.

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