Pursuing Rights in New York Racial Bullying Lawsuit Pays Off

The US court of appeals just upheld a 1 million award granted to a Latino adolescent who was bullied and harassed at his high school in Pine Plains, New York.

Anthony Zeno’s school was predominantly white school district, and he was harassed and abused with every kind of racial taunt imaginable. He was called “nigger” and his peers threatened to lynch him.

On top of this, the Pine Plains school district knew very well about the racial abuse and failed to do anything about it. That’s taking the situation to a whole new level – kids are immature, but when teachers turn a blind eye to what’s happening, it’s shocking and inexcusable.

Zeno was deservedly awarded a million dollars to make up for the three and a half years of hell he endured. This story is a lesson for all students and parents out there. ANY type of bullying is completely unacceptable, and may be pursued with legal action. While signing your kid up for martial arts may seem to help, it’s not the answer. Kids aren’t able to process the severity of the hurtful words they use, therefore it’s the school’s responsibility to MAKE SURE bullying is held to a minimum. If they fail to do so, they can be hit for a million dollars just like in Anthony Zeno’s case.

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