Party Bounce Houses Cause Injuries

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As inflatable bounce houses become more popular around Long Island and New York at birthday parties, carnivals, camps and children’s events, the number of nationwide injuries caused by them have soared. In 2010, nearly 11,000 children were taken to emergency rooms for concussions, spine and neck injuries, broken bones, sprains and, in worst cases, death.

They may seem innocent and fun, but there are many instances that lead to injuries—inflatables suddenly deflating and trapping kids, small kids getting crushed by larger kids and adults, kids doing flips and falling on their neck, kids crashing into each other. Two boys from upstate New York were seriously injured last year after falling nearly two stories when a gust of wind swept up the house in which they were playing.

Nowadays, many inflatables contains slides, climbing walls and other obstacles that make it even more imperative that safety guidelines are followed by the companies that manufacture inflatables and the operators that bring them to events.

 “It doesn’t help that Costco and BJ’s has started selling Bouncy Houses on shelves, granting easy access for parents to have them at kids parties, not knowing just how dangerous they can be.”- Neal Goldstein, Senior Partner Goldstein and Bashner

Inflatable companies have a responsibility to keep their bounce houses safe, and if your child is injured in one, you may have a case.

  • Were too many people allowed in the inflatable?
  • Were small children mixed in with older kids and adults?
  • Were the children monitored for unsafe activities, such as flipping and purposely crashing?
  • Was the inflatable securely anchored to the ground?
  • Were the inflatable and blower kept in good working condition?

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