Ozone Park Casino Expansion is Underway

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A $400 million hotel and gaming expansion is underway in the Ozone Park area of Queens. It is expected to provide 3,000 construction jobs during the project and 1,000 high-paying jobs when complete.

The expansion, which will add 400 hotel rooms and four restaurants to the existing Resorts World Casino New York City, has the full support of many of the area’s local and state representatives. According to reports, the casino, which opened in 2011, has added $1.8 billion in tax revenue to the State Department of Education coffers and has provided numerous jobs and infrastructure gains to the Ozone Park area.

“Construction projects such as this one are inherently accompanied by dangers to workers,” said Neal A. Goldstein, a personal injury attorney with the law firm of Goldstein & Bashner in New York City. “As the number of construction projects in the New York area increase, so have workplace fatalities.

In 2016, the construction industry was responsible for 38 percent of all workplace fatalities. Additionally, a report by the New York City Health Department found that of the 91 workplace fatalities inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) from 2007 until 2014, 82 included at least one serious safety violation.”

Expected Duration for Expansion Projects

Any large project such as this expansion will naturally have strict timelines to follow. Those timelines often put pressure on the construction company employees to meet deadlines. Unfortunately, the pressure associated with those deadlines may cause workers to take shortcuts and those shortcuts can lead to worker injury or death. OSHA safety requirements are necessary to help ensure the safety of New York’s workers, whose jobs are almost always inherently dangerous. When workers feel pressured to take shortcuts or are even directed to take shortcuts, they often feel compelled to follow those directions for the sake of keeping their jobs. Situations like this are unfair to the worker and cannot be tolerated.

Fortunately, employees who suffer injuries on the job have recourse. Failure of a workplace or a company to adhere to prescribed safety standards can give rise to claims of negligence. Filing a claim may be able to help make an injured worker whole monetarily and give them the means to seek the best medical care possible. Any workplace injury may give rise to a workers’ compensation claim, which can also help ensure the injured worker has monetary and medical support.

“These projects continue to employ many of the city’s construction workers,” said Goldstein. “But that does not mean that these projects should be dangerous construction sites.” Anyone who suffered an injury in a construction accident should speak with a knowledgeable attorney about their options.

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