When Cutting Corners to Save Time and Money Leads to a Construction Site Accident, You Deserve Compensation

Long Island Works Compensation

The recent death of a construction worker at Barclays Center shows just how dangerous construction sites can be. The Barclays worker was struck and crushed by a steal beam while working to install a green roof. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

There are many causes of construction site accidents. The inherent danger of the job sometimes makes the accident unforeseeable. But other times these accidents are completely preventable and caused by the negligence of the property owner, employer, equipment manufacturers, and/or contractors. When these parties cut corners to save time and money, don’t follow codes and regulations or neglect to get required permits, they put their workers and other bystanders at risk of serious injury.

Were You or a Loved One Injured in a Construction Site Accident?

Construction sites injuries are often serious or fatal due to the large machinery and equipment, exposure to potentially dangerous materials, and the heights that may be involved. That means numerous medical bills and often a long period of not being able to work. Getting the compensation you deserve can help ease the stress and financial burdens, and help you focus on recovery.

Let Our Accident Lawyers Help

Call us for a free consultation and we will discuss your legal options and answer all your questions. Whether your accident was caused by unsafe equipment, an independent contractor’s failure to maintain proper safety standards or a negligent property owner cutting corners to save costs, we will help you get answers and compensation for your injuries. We work with top-notch medical experts and investigators to insure we present the best case possible. Contact us today at 516-217-9097—there is no cost or obligation. In fact, there are never out-of-pocket expenses—we only collect our fee after we get you a settlement or verdict.

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