New York City Commuter Crushed By Moving Subway Platform Sues the City

A New York commuter who was crushed by a moving subway platform at the Union Square Station in Manhattan is now suing the city for $15 million. “This is a horrible accident,” commented Long Island personal injury lawyer Neal Goldstein. “The question is should safety measures have been in place to prevent this type of accident?”

The accident occurred on December 10 as 41-year-old Michael Dion waited for the 4 train at the 14th Street-Union Square station. That station, which is sharply curved, features a moving platform that narrows the gap after the train has pulled into the station. Dion accidently slipped down the gap as the train was pulling into the station. As he tried to pull himself up, the platform closed in and trapped him against the train. It was a full half hour before subway workers managed to free Dion, who fractured both sides of his pelvis and suffered significant internal damage to ‘virtually all of his internal abdominal organs.’

Mr Dion, 41, spent a month in hospital recovering from his injuries and now plans to sue New York’s Transit Department, which runs the subway.

“He may have a case,” said Goldstein. “How many injuries have occurred at this station? Are there any safety measures in place to protect commuters and subway workers? Why did it take so long for help to arrive and free Dion? These are all important questions in determining if Dion is entitled to compensation from the city.”

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