2015 New Year Brings Tragic Commack Car Accident Involving Drugs and Texting by Teen Driver

Wrecked car

We also hope that the New Year starts off on a good foot, but sadly for some families it’s the start of unbearable pain, suffering and loss in Long Island. On New Year’s Eve a Suffolk teen struck and killed a Commack woman with his SUV. According to police, 63-year-old Herta Palma was driving her car on New Year’s Eve when she was struck at the intersection of Hauppauge and Commack Roads just before 3:30 p.m. Unfortunately she died at Huntington hospital.

James Murphy, the driver of the other car, admitted he was under the influence of nitrous oxide, Xanax and hash oil. Talk about a triple whammy. As if that wasn’t enough, he allegedly admitted he was looking down at his phone when the accident happened. This makes us very angry.  We continually hear about people making extremely careless choices and getting behind the wheel of car; not only altering their own life, possibly forever, but altering the lives of others and their families.

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one this year, we can help. We understand the range of emotions you are feeling—the pain of your loss, the anger at the responsible party, the emptiness and sadness of the loss. While time and family support may heal wounds, our Long Island wrongful death lawyers can help you gain compensation. We know funds may be tight. You may have relied on the person’s salary, or just their ability to do work around the house. Winning a case against those that may have caused the death may help give closure and financial stability. For more information on Wrongful Death Suits please contact our office today.  Our compassion lawyers will answer all your questions.  You may also learn more about who might be liable for a Wrongful Death here.

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