Keep Your Kids Safe During National School Bus Safety Week

Girl walking to the school bus

National School Bus Safety Week is October 17 through 21, and that means it is a great time to talk to your kids about ways to keep themselves and other passengers safe on the bus at all times. Make sure you share these tips with your children before their next bus ride:

Sit with Someone Friendly

This year’s theme is “Make School Buses a Bully-Free Zone.” To keep your kids safe, ask about who they are sitting with on the bus. Are the kids friendly? Are there any bullies?

If you believe your child is being bullied, consider talking to the bus driver about it.

And while it is not something parents want to think about it, it may also be important to ensure your kids are not picking on other students.

Know Your Bus Number

A lot of buses may pass the corner where your kids are waiting. To help keep them safe and avoid getting lost, make sure they are familiar with their bus number so they can safely get on the right bus every time. If they believe they have gotten on the wrong bus, make sure they wait until the bus has stopped before alerting the driver.

Stay Out of the Street

With bus drivers — and other drivers — prone to distraction, it is always important to talk to your kids about standing at least three steps back from the road to avoid being injured. Make sure they know to limit horseplay as well.

Wait for the Bus Driver’s Prompt

Remind your kids to always remain firmly where they are when their bus is arriving, and to wait patiently for the driver to wave them on.

If they have to cross the street, this will allow the bus driver time to make sure traffic has completely stopped first. Ensure they always look twice before crossing the road, even if the driver says it is safe.

Always Walk in Front of the Bus

Bus drivers have a difficult time seeing behind the vehicle. To ensure that your child is always in their sights, remind him or her to never walk behind the bus. Only walk in front after the bus has stopped completely.

Stay in Your Seat

New York State requires seat belts on all school buses. So remind your kids to wear theirs and to always stay seated and buckled up until the bus has come to a complete stop.

Stay Inside the Bus at All Times

It may be tempting for children to place their arms and heads out of the windows while on the school bus. But mistakes like these cause injuries every year.

Remind your kid to keep all limbs inside the bus at all times.

Following these tips will help keep your kid safe on the way to and from school each day.

Unfortunately, accidents happen and kids can get hurt. If your kid was injured in a New York bus accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Discuss your legal options with a Long Island bus accident attorney from Goldstein & Bashner today.

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