My Daughter Was Sexually Assaulted at College—What Should I Do?

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Here’s an alarming statistic—one in five female students will be sexually assaulted while they are at college. We know you love your daughter, which is why it is so important to do everything to ensure her safety and protect her rights.

If you have a daughter that has EVER complained to you about a boy sexually harassing or assaulting her, it is important to get help immediately. If you even think it is possible that your daughter was sexually assaulted, it is important to show her your full and complete support and understand that there are helpful resources available.

  • Right away, you need to make sure your child receives any necessary medical attention
  • Notify authorities and get an incident report
  • A rape crisis hotline can offer immediate, anonymous support. Many campuses have special crises counseling services for sexual assault victims.
  • Lastly, and where we can provide some assistance, a personal injury lawyer can help ensure your daughter’s rights are protected and help give families a sense of closure. You have the right to sue not only the assailant, but any other party that might have been negligent in not preventing the assault. This may include the college itself, a fraternity or a campus bar, depending on the specific incident.

Do You Have Questions?

Our compassionate lawyers have more than 40 years combined experience working with young sexual assault victims and their families. We work closely to help ease the range of emotions , including fear, pain and embarrassment, that too often prevent victims from seeking help. Even if you are not sure you want a lawyer, please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are also always willing to sit down for a free, more detailed consultation where we can discuss your case, what to expect from the legal process and the best course of action that takes into account what is best for your daughter’s emotional well-being.

How We Can Help

Legal experts work with a team of investigators and medical experts to help victims obtain the maximum compensation they deserve for their physical injuries and emotional pain. We have helped numerous assault victims find some sort of closure and receive compensation that helped them pay medical bills and start the long road to healing and recovery.

If your child was a victim of sexual assault, contact us for more information and to learn your legal options.

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