Mother and Son Hit by Sanitation Truck in Queens

Garbage truck

A 10-year-old boy and his mother were hit by a city sanitation truck early Tuesday morning in Corona, Queens. Although they received immediate medical attention, the boy died due to his extensive injuries, and his mother remains in critical condition.

Witnesses claim the pair were crossing the street around seven in the morning, while it was still dark outside, when the Queens sanitation truck came out from a commercial driveway and struck them. The boy and his mother were taken to Elmhurst Hospital immediately following the accident. The mother is expected to survive her injuries.

The driver of the sanitation truck stayed at the scene and fully cooperated with the investigating officials. The driver claimed he was collecting trash from the dumpsters of LeFrak City in Queens when he took a right turn and collided with the pedestrians.

The Sanitation Department and the New York City Police are currently investigating the event, and charges have not been filed against the truck driver yet. The Sanitation Department issued a statement later that day, assuring that they are taking the situation seriously, and an investigation has been initiated.

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