Long Island Rail Road Construction Accident Lawyer

Three days before construction worker Michael O’Brien, 26, was killed on the site of the MTA’s project to connect the Long Island Rail Road to Grand Central Terminal, a top transit official admitted the agency was concerned about the steady rise of injuries on the $7.3 billion project. MTA data showed that injuries had seen a sharp increase from January to September, but that did not stop the breakneck pace and round-the-clock work on the project.

It is not uncommon for construction site owners and overseeing companies to try to work done as quickly and cheaply as possible, even if this might put workers in more dangerous situations. Our firm has seen a lot of accidents that could have been avoided if safety procedures were followed and shortcuts weren’t taken to save on costs. Ultimately, it is the workers who pay the price.

An investigation is underway, and O’Brien’s family may choose to sue for negligence. When construction workers are injured on the job they can not sue their employee. There are exceptions to this, including railroad workers, who are able to file against the MTA under the FELA laws. Michael O’Brien was not employed by the MTA, however. He was hired by Dragados, a construction company hired by the MTA as a contractor for this project. Therefore, O’Brien’s family could sue the MTA if it is found they were negligent and contributed to his death.

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