Long Island Moshing-Long Island Lawyer says “Give Me A Break!”

If you have seen any of my blogs on moshing then you know that I really dont get it. If you have seen any Youtube videos of people moshing or doing the “wall of death” then you can’t really believe that there is a “safe” way to conduct this type of “dancing”. Well Stuart MacKay writes about the proper etiquette for moshing and how you should help somebody up if they fall or if you get hit with an elbow not to start a fight.Sure we can all hope for nice manners but, Stuart, have you seen these kids slamming into each other? Oh and what about Stu’s instruction “not to cop a feel” while moshing. Mmmm maybe that can work but you think these moshers (mostly young guys) will abide by that rule when the one or two girls decide they want to slam their bodies in the mosh pit? Look I will admit that I think this dancing is crazy and I would advise anybody who is going to a concert to stay away from these “teenage jungle gyms on steroids”. However if you decide that you want to experiment slamming your body parts against somebody else do not expect any Emily Post etiquette.

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