Long Island Lawyer Explains Liability in Broadway’s Spiderman Injuries

Spiderman can swing, climb and cast webs in an instant, but can he help save the show’s cast from harm? It seems since the new $65 million Broadway show, “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark,” began production, it has been plagued with injuries. Most recently, stuntman Christopher Tierney plunged 30 feet into the orchestra pit during a preview performance and was rushed to the hospital with seriously injuries.  This follows three previous injuries on the show’s set. The lead actress, Natalie Mendoza, who plays Arachne, suffered a concussion when she was hit with equipment while waiting in the wings during a preview performance. The show, which is not even due to open until February, has also seen an aerialist break both of his wrists and another actor break a foot on the set.  Is the show liable for these injuries?

Because of worker’s compensation laws, Tierney and the other injured actors are unable to bring a lawsuit against their employer, in this case the Spiderman production company. However, with most workplace accidents, if there are other parties that might have been negligent, the injured party could file a suit against them. For example, in this case, was there an outside company brought in to handle scenery that was negligent? Were the accidents due to foreseeable dangers that were the responsibility of the theater?  Was an outside company handling stunts and special effects that did not take reasonable safety measures to protect the cast and crew?

Since Tierney’s injuries follow the injuries of three fellow actors, any responsible third party has already been put on notice that there were some dangers involved in this production.  So it is equally important to ask: Are the cause of her injuries similar to the other actors? Have any changes been made or additional safety measures put in place since the previous accidents to ensure the actors’ safety?

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