Long Island Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Long Island Juvenile Crime Lawyer

You just got the heartbreaking call that your child has been arrested. What do you do? You may feel a mixture of anger, disbelief, sorrow, embarrassment and confusion. Many times “good kids” do something stupid, make mistakes or get caught up in more than they intended. The last thing you want to see is any type of blemish on your child’s record that would be seen by potential colleges and future employers. But you don’t need to feel helpless. It is important to find an experienced Long Island attorney to help get an outcome that will not destroy your child’s bright future.

Retain an Experienced Juvenile Defense Lawyer Immediately

Long Island’s criminal courts are known for being very strict, but an experienced lawyer knows how best to present the case to get the best outcome.

Parents are often misled by police officers who tell them not to worry, they just want to ask a few questions. What they may not realize is that police are skilled interrogators and any statements made can and most probably will be used against them in the juvenile court proceedings.

What Will a Lawyer Do for Us?

A juvenile defense lawyer will work from the beginning to make sure you and your family fully understand the charges and your legal options. Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate the circumstances and every stage of the arrest to gather evidence and look for contradictions or mistakes that can work in your defense. In addition, they will show the positive achievements and successes your child has had and work to either have charges completely dismissed or come to a result that will allow your child to learn a lesson but not face permanent consequences.

Want more information?

Contact our lawyers and let us help you put this incident behind you. Our criminal defense team, led by Ira Rosenberg, has more than 25 years of successfully helping children, teens and adults get the best outcome and move on with their lives

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