Long Island Injury Attorney–NY Finally Enforcing Bus Safety Laws

Recently, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, revoked the operating licenses of 8 New York bus companies for failing to meet safety regulations. The enforcement of strict bus safety standards has been a long time coming.

For instance, in March, a bus accident caused the death of 15 of its passengers.

The stricter enforcement of safety laws will likely help to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. The iniative already seems to be paying off, as it has kept about 100 buses and other vehicles off the roads for failing their respective safety inspections.

Our Long Island Personal Injury lawyers think that it’s great that New York is taking action to keep New York bus riders safe. It seems that the City is finally giving the issue some serious attention. For example, in the past 4 months, the City has completed over 3,000 inspections. In 2010, a total of only 615 inspections took place.

Hopefully, New York’s efforts will help to prevent any bus related accidents from occuring in the future. At our personal injury firm, we have respresented the victims of such accidents for many years. If you have been the victim of a bus accident, please visit our vehicle accident page or contact our New York and Long Island personal injury attorneys.

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