Long Island Expressway Dangerous Roads

Ever watch the Indy 500? Ever been on the LIE? Not so different is it. Well maybe a slight exaggeration, but it’s no exaggeration that the LIE is among the most dangerous roads on Long Island.

A wide 4 line highway that resembles a flat race track, the LIE is a perfect highway for cars to speed on. One would think that the narrow highways are the dangerous ones, which is true to some extent, but cars can’t go as fast on narrow highways. The LIE enables drivers to go well over 100 mph, which poses serious threats to law abiding drivers on the road. In addition, on the contrary to the Southern State Parkway, commercial trucks and tankers are allowed on the LIE. This adds yet another variable to the already dangerous driving environment. You have cars going 100 miles per hour, weaving in and out of oil tankers. You do the math –the end result is certainly not a pretty one.

Just recently on December 19, a fiery 35-car accident occurred on the Long Island Expressway. It was caused by an 18 wheeler, and none of the cars behind could stop in time due to their high speeds.

When a truck gets into an accident on a highway, it’s like a meteor’s on its way to earth – you do all you can to prevent injury but there’s really not THAT much you can do. An 18 wheeler takes up the entire width of the LIE, creating in essence a roadblock for all the cars to drive into. It’s scary to even imagine.

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