Long Island Attorney- Alcohol and Energy Drinks Are a Deadly Mix

Alcohol and Energy Drinks

As if there wasn’t already enough for parents of college kids to worry about, you can now add the dangers of mixing alcohol and energy drinks to the list. Combining these two types of beverages has become extremely popular. According to studies, 78 percent of drinkers under the age of 25 have admitted to combining alcohol and energy drinks within the past month. Those who consume these beverages in combination with one another, claim that they feel more aware and less tired while they are out.

While energy drinks may allow a drinker to party longer without tiring, these drinks may also hide the effects of alcohol. This can bring along severe consequences. Because an energy drink makes a drinker feel less drunk, the individual is often unable to recognize his or her own drunkenness. This may lead an individual to reach dangerous levels of intoxication. In addition, since energy drinks make drinkers feel more aware and less drunk, those who are intoxicated may convince themselves that they are capable of driving. Unfortunately, this leads to an increase in drunk driving accidents.As you can see, combining alcohol and energy drinks can be extremely dangerous. Mixing the two can lead to unsafe levels of intoxication (and all the dangers that can come along with being overly drunk), and an increase in drunk driving accidents. As a personal injury attorney, I have dealt with many alcohol related accidents across the Long Island and New York areas. Young adults in these areas are no different than those elsewhere–they often drink too much and make poor decisions. At Goldstein and Bashner, our attorneys are dedicated to protecting those who have been injured in alcohol related accidents. Our lawyers have helped these injury victims to recover monetary conpensation for the damages they’ve sustained. If you have been injured as the result of an alcohol induced accident, then please contact our offices for a free case evaluation.
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