Lawyers to Help Epstein’s Victims Sue His Estate This Week


Jeffrey Epstein has been dominating headlines for the past month. The New York financier, who once found himself in the same circle as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and other wealthy individuals, was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell in early August. Epstein was being held after pleading not guilty to federal sex trafficking charges.

On August 16, his death was confirmed a suicide by the New York City chief medical examiner in an autopsy. Aside from the controversy surrounding his death aside, this has impacted dozens of survivors of sexual abuse who want justice.

Beginning on August 14 of this year, New York legislators lifted the statute of limitations for cases of child sexual abuse, allowing for more survivors to seek justice. There is now a one-year window for victims to file lawsuits against perpetrators, regardless of when the abuse occurred. When this window opened, it was reported that hundreds of lawsuits flooded the court system in New York. This opened a legal pathway for Epstein’s victims to come forward with their cases, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred.

Epstein’s death does complicate the lawsuits for his victims since he was never actually convicted of a crime. However, it is not impossible for survivors to file successful suits. At least two lawyers plan to file civil claims against Epstein’s estate.

A Los Angeles lawyer and a New York attorney intend to file lawsuits on behalf of their clients. According to Epstein’s lawyers, his assets totaled to $559 million. The two attorneys do not know if his lawyers will attempt to sell his assets but hope that they will not be distributed until the civil claims are heard.

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