Is Your Underage Child Going to Drinking Parties? Here’s What You Need to Know

Young people drinking

It’s unfortunately a high school tradition. The drinking parties. I have seen several invitations already on Facebook in my school district. In fact, right on Facebook one of the teenagers promised plenty of “drinks and stuff.” Do you know what goes on at the parties your child attends?

Alcohol and drugs have always been a big problem on Long Island, and it seems to just get worse and worse. These days, cheaper and accessible drugs like molly and heroin are destroying lives. What’s worse, these parties may take place in “the safety of a home,” but the kids need to eventually get back to their home and many drive under the influence. Others stagger around the neighborhood, putting themselves at high risk for an accident or assault. Add in alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses, and you can understand the concern many have for these parties.

We know all too well the danger, as we get many calls from distraught parents whose teenagers were seriously injured in accidents after attending drinking parties.

What can you do?

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) suggests 7 tips to help your teenager make wise and safe decisions:

  1. Communicate!
  2. Discuss rules and consequences
  3. Show you care
  4. Pay attention—listen to your teen and monitor what they are doing
  5. Family activities
  6. Give them respect and expect it in return
  7. Enforce consequences consistently

Was your child injured in an accident after drinking at someone’s house?

We understand how difficult it can be if your teen is injured or hurt in any way at a house party. In addition to the concern you have for your child, you may be angry and disappointed in them, as well as at the parents where the party took place or maybe another child who drove your child while drunk or assaulted them under the influence. It’s important to know in these situations you have rights. You may be facing high medical bills and other expenses due to the accident and you can sue the homeowners where the party took place. In fact, those parents can be held liable for any injuries or accidents that occur to anyone at any time during or after the party due to an underage drunk guest.

Want More Information or a Free Consultation?

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