New York City’s Worst Landlords Identified on Craigslist

New York Landlord Dispute

New York City’s worst landlords are now getting called out on Craigslist. A new link to “NYC’s worst landlords,” appears on the apartment search page, providing information and maps that highlight landlords with the worst inspection records. This website enables tenants to easily check their current landlord and search out potential landlords by name, address, neighborhood, or number of violations.

So who’s the absolute worst landlord in New York City? According to the site it’s Lisa Dreshaj of Queens with a whopping 2,047 violations!

As personal injury lawyers who have seen many cases based on illegal apartments and code violations, we applaud this collaboration between craigslist, Google maps and Bill de Blasio, New York City’s public advocate. It is part of an eight-point proposed package that is meant to empower tenants and compel landlords to act more responsibly.

Other initiates in the plan include:

  • Depriving landlords with questionable records of certain taxpayer subsidies.
  • Establishing mandatory minimum fines for the most severe category of housing violations, like failing to provide heat.
  • Enabling partnerships with private law firms to provide pro bono help in housing court.
  • Helping landlords get access to capital so they could repair shoddy buildings more quickly.
  • Cutting red tape in the certification and inspection process.

“Apartment codes and laws are there to protect tenants. When landlords try to cut costs by not meeting codes, they put their tenants’ safety at risk. We see cases time and time again where tenants are injured due to illegal gas and electrical systems, unsafe plumbing and heating conditions, improper windows and ventilation, and lack of an exit for an illegal apartment. Arming apartment hunters with names and locations of those that have violations can only help them.”

NYC’s Worst Landlords website, which in addition to the craigslist link can also be accessed through the public advocate site, gets about 500 hits a day–a number that should grow as more people become aware of the site through Craigslist.

How does your landlord measure up? If you are injured or suffer damages in your apartment due to shoddy conditions you may have a case against your landlord. Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll answer all your questions and let you know what to expect from the legal process. Our lawyers are experienced and will help you get the full compensation you deserve.

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