How Much is a Broken Nose Worth when You’re Suing Apple?

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When Evelyn Paswell, of Forest Hills, walked into glass doors, she didn’t walk into just any building’s doors. This was the Apple Store in Manhasset, owned by a company worth an estimated $100 billion dollars. That’s right—$100 billion, more than the total GNP of two thirds of the world’s nation. So now she is suing Apple for $1 million— $75,000 for medical expenses and the remainder for negligence. Is a broken nose really worth anywhere near $1 million? Does she even have a case at all?

The quick facts: Last December, Paswell was going to the Apple store in Manhasset to return an iPhone. Apparently, she didn’t notice the glass building and crashed into it, breaking her nose.

Paswall claims that the signature glass walls that house Apple’s famous stores are a menace to the elderly and believes that she should be compensated for her injury. Her lawsuit against Apple claims that the California company was negligent because it should have had markings on the door.

But was the store at fault for her injuries?

I haven’t heard of a rash of injuries in any of their stores across the country that all have a similar glass design. The Apple store clearly has visual clues to let people know it is there:

  • Silver-gray metal handles on the doors, which contrast the see-through material.
  • A break in the glass outlining the two doors that form the entrance.
  • Tiling inside the store which contrasts outside sidewalk that ends at the door.
  •  A well-lit interior which gives the glass exterior a reflective shine, making it easier to see where a glass wall is located.

We think these visual clues are enough to help Apple’s case. And just how fast was Paswell walking that she actually broke her nose when she hit the glass? As of Saturday, there were white strips located on the base of the doors—it is unclear whether they were there before the accident, but they do add another visual clue for customers. Lots of people occasionally walk into doors, poles, trees, lampposts. Doesn’t mean they have a lawsuit. Even if the store is owned by Apple.

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