How Long Island Boaters Can Avoid Accidents and Injuries

Boat accident

Boating is often an extremely relaxing, fun, and enjoyable summer activity. In particular, many Long Island residents have taken an interest to boating, as the area is literally surrounded by various bodies of water. However, although a day out on the water can often often be a day well spent, boating can also be extremely dangerous. Here are some ways to stay safe and injury free during this boating season.

Monitor the Weather- Before heading out on your boat, check and double check the weather forecast. You never want to be out on the water during a storm. Also, forecasts can often change quickly, so be sure that you give the weather forecast another look before taking your boat out.

Ensure That Your Radio Works- While out on the water, a VHF radio can be the difference between life and death. In the event of an emergency, these radios can be used to call for help. Therefore, its extremely important that your radio works. Always test your radio before leaving the dock.

Always Have Your Life Jacket On- Life Jackets may not look cool nor fit comfortably, but they may just save your life. If a boating accident occurs, a life jacket can prevent you from drowning. According to statistics form the U.S. Coast Guard, of those who drowned as the result of a boating related accident, 90 percent of victims were not wearing life jackets.

Don’t Drink and Drive- While on the open water, you may be tempted to drink and drive. However, doing so can be just as dangerous as it is for you to operate a car while under the influence. Driving a boat while drunk has even become illegal, and is known as a “BUI.” The U.S. Coast Guard has found that alcohol is the primary cause of deaths in boating related accidents.

As a Long Island Personal Injury firm, we want to see that residents in the area remain safe while boating. If you have sustained an injury because of a boating accident, you may be entitled to compensation as the result of another individual’s negligence. Following a boating accident or injury, please contact our New York or Long Island offices to ask about what rights you may have.

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