How Cell Phones Can Help Win a Personal Injury Case

Long Island Personal Injury Case

In today’s Long Island headlines is the story of a Farmingdale girl who quickly snapped a picture with her cell phone of a man who grabbed her by the feet while she was on a swing at the park. That man, Carlos Sanchez of Massapequa, was found and arrested by detectives in large part due to her picture.

In almost any personal injury case, a camera can help provide clues to who was at fault, document and preserve evidence, and show damages and injuries as they appeared at the time of the incident. Here is how a camera phone helped two other recent Long Island accident cases:

  • A woman tripped on a broken tile at the mall and broke her ankle. The pictures she snapped at the scene preserved the evidence, since the tile was fixed soon after. She ended up getting a large settlement because her photos showed a very worn out floor with several cracks and broken tiles that the owners should have known needed repair.
  • A car accident victim takes pictures at the scene of the two cars immediately after the crash. Her pictures of the car accident scene, which helped her win a large settlement, showed that the other driver had a stop sign. She was also able to capture the damage to her car and pictures of her own injuries.

Having a cell phone camera is a great way to protect yourself if you are injured in an accident. Take pictures at the scene of any evidence that might show how the accident happened or what was to blame. Also take pictures of your injuries and any damages you suffered. If you are in a car accident, take pictures of any damages to the other vehicle as well.

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This is the cell phone picture taken by the girl in Farmingdale of a man pulling at her feet.

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