Hosting Your Teen’s Drinking Party? Here’s What You Need to Know

Long Island Underage Drinking

A lot of parents think it is a good idea to let their teenager and his or her friends drink at their home. They may feel:

  • “It’s better to let them drink here, where I can watch them.”
  • “They’re going to drink anyway, it should be in a home.”
  • “I want my child to be liked.”
  • “My child and his or her friends are mature and can handle a few drinks.”

Unfortunately the facts tell otherwise. Kids get injured at home parties, they drink too much, they drive afterwards and are more likely to be injured, assaulted or involved in a drunk driving accident.

If there is a party going on in your home, you need to know if there is alcohol involved. The risks on Long Island are high– both Nassau and Suffolk Counties have social host laws that make it a crime to allow minors to drink in your home.

In addition, you can be held liable for any injuries or accidents that happen any time later that night as a result of an underage child drinking in your home. That means that if a minor at your party walks home and is injured due to intoxication you can be sued. If a drunk guest assaults someone later that evening, you can be sued. And of course if anyone drives away drunk and gets into an accident, you will be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that occur.

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